Industrial Design Students Awarded in National Lighting Design Competition

A group of 28 students from Applied Design, led by Associate Professor of Industrial Design and Assistant Chair of Applied Design, Michael Rall, recently participated in the highly acclaimed Robert Bruce Thompson Lighting Design Competition, showcasing their exemplary skills and innovative design concepts. The annual competition aims to promote education and awareness in the field of light fixture design.

During the 9-week project, each student took on the challenge individually, developing their unique lighting concept for a chain restaurant. The students embarked on a journey of creativity and craftsmanship, immersing themselves in the world of design and exploring materials, scale, and functionality.

First Place winner Ben Pipitone's concept Halo.Second Place winner Tyler Cook's concept Celia.

One notable achievement came from Ben Pipitone, who secured the prestigious first-place position in the national competition. His captivating and meticulously documented design earned him a well-deserved cash prize of $5,000. Tyler Cook placed second, receiving $2,500 for his exceptional design and attention to detail.

The winners demonstrated exceptional talent and dedication throughout the project. Their ability to effectively communicate their vision through in-context renderings and detailed drawings played a significant role in setting them apart from their competitors.

Guiding the students throughout the design process was their esteemed professor, who offered valuable insights and expertise. From defining restaurant styles to analyzing materials and lighting sources, their professor played a pivotal role in shaping the student's creative vision.

It was fantastic to see the students' hard work recognized by the Robert Bruce Thompson Lighting Competition. For both Ben and Tyler, this validation by an outside entity of their design talent will go a long way in elevating their portfolios when they enter the job market. - Michael Rall, Associate Professor of Industrial Design

The Robert Bruce Thompson Lighting Design Competition continues to provide a platform for aspiring designers to showcase their skills nationally. It highlights the exceptional talent and ingenuity present within the university community, inspiring future generations to pursue their creative aspirations.

About the Robert Bruce Thompson Lighting Design Competition
The Robert Bruce Thompson Lighting Design Competition is an annual competition that aims to promote education and awareness in the field of light fixture design. The competition challenges participants to create innovative and compelling lighting concepts for various settings.

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Ben Pipitone holding his 1st place Trophy in the Robert Bruce Thompson Lighting Competition.
Published: Sep 6, 2023 11:54am